Catheters nevrasteniceskie

The set for nephrostomy is used for emergency rehabilitation of disturbed urine outflow from the kidney as a result of the quality of percutaneous puncture and subsequent draining.
Drainage of the kidneys, usually performed for emergency indications and is associated with the blocking of the outflow of urine that occurs as a result of blockage of the lumen of the ureter, or when problems arose directly in the kidney. Ultrasonic tags on nephrostome allow for the necessary control over the proper placement of nephrostomy tube in the cavity. A wide range of nefrotoksicskih sets, drainage catheters, offers the opportunity to work with any “anatomical characteristics”.
Nevrasteniceskie catheters have a special “surface coating” that enables fine-slip and anti-adhesive properties. Due to its excellent chemical resistance, catheters are well protected from the processes of accumulation of salt and organic matters on the surface. To drain the kidneys used kits containing various components modification kits.