Endotracheal tube with cuff, type Murphy

Endotracheal tube is designed for intubation of the trachea surgery, feeding oxygen-air mixtures or inhalation of anesthetic. The tube is made of a transparent thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which keeps the desired bend for easy intubation, provides individual anatomical matching tube top respiratory ways of the patient. All tubes have a radiopaque strip, also special label that facilitates the determination of the depth of tube insertion. Inflatable cuff prevents the ingress of gastric contents into the lungs. The presence of highly sensitive control (pilot) cylinder with valve for Luer and Luer-Lock allows to determine the degree of cuff inflation dynamics. Additional opening at the distal end (the Murphy eye) located at a special angle and keeps the flow of air mixture in case of obturation of the distal end of the tube with mucus, sputum, or when pushes the distal end of the wall of the trachea.